Why use nanoscale.io?

Build APIs in seconds

Instantly create new API-based microservices. Easily author business logic with familiar JavaScript. Execute custom code in virtually any language by importing your Docker container.

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Integrate to anything

Connect to web services, relational and noSQL databases, and even legacy command line programs. Set up a remote endpoint once and then reuse that service anywhere in your API.

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Follow best practices

Follow RESTful design principles, validate JSON schema, interactively test your APIs, and automatically generate Swagger docs all from within the nanoscale.io environment.

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Deploy anywhere

Our serverless cloud offering is the easiest way to get started quickly, but nanoscale.io can run anywhere your needs dictate. You can even run locally to develop and push your microservice to the cloud, or vice-versa.

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Example use cases

Modernize legacy systems

Unlock existing enterprise systems by API-enabling databases, SOAP services, and command-line programs. Create microservice workflows that combine or update data across multiple systems with a single API.

Rapid microservice prototyping

Enable a faster pace of innovation through rapid microservice and API development. Mimic production systems with API virtualization for testing or hackathons. Ease the transition between cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models.

Power mobile and web app backends

Create comprehensive backend services for modern, cross-platform applications. Empower developers to create their own backends, resulting in accelerated app development and increased speed to market.

Build robust IoT solutions

Leverage cloud or fog backend services to power IoT use cases. Incorporate enterprise data and systems into IoT apps and workflows. Complement existing investments in IoT hubs, big data, and analytics solutions.

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